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Storing Bedding

A great way to store bedding is by keeping bedding sets inside one of its pillow cases. This method keeps sets together, makes it easy to quickly grab everything you need, helps to keep the linen closet organized, and is visually appealing. Here's how:

Fold the bedding and gather the pieces that comprise a set (e.g. fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillow cases). Take one of the pillow cases and open it up.

Put the other items inside of this pillow case one at a time, placing them neatly into a corner. Inserting the items separately prevents them from bunching up.

Wrap the long end of the pillow case around the outside of the bundle.

Fold down the short end of the pillow case to make a tight, rectangular bundle.

You are now left with one tidy bundle for your bedding set! If you're not great at folding fitted sheets, this is a great way to hide the folding.

If you prefer not to have a bulky bundle, store the flat sheet separately.

This method also works great for storing bedding vertically in a bin.

Happy organizing!

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